Missed Calls

Jonah is most definitely one of my favourite books in the Bible. I will always find humour in the way Jonah was not in God’s mood at all. Jonah was stubborn for the most part; he had an attitude and was on the run from his calling for many reasons besides the one he gave. [...]

Something in the Atmosphere

It kinda feels like trying to run as fast as you can under water. Or, like trying to pull those tightly tucked sheets out from a fancy hotel bed. Something in the atmosphere is pulling me back while my entire being is fighting to move forward. I’ve chosen to be refined by it, but choosing [...]

Lonely Truths

‘Support’ is a weird thing to conceptualise sometimes. Defining it is hard because there is no measurement as to how much constitutes as enough, especially with this new social media age. Some measure support through monetary investment, others through time or uplifting words. As subjective as support may be, Love remains an integral component of [...]

Conditional Love is Wasted Love.

No matter how many times humans beings fail me, I choose to never give up on people, I just learn how to discern characters better. I’ve always understood the importance of unconditional love when dealing with people, even when I try to overlook it. With friendship I struggled in my youth, easily holding grudges and [...]


‘But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, let each season encircle the other, and let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing’     - Khalil Gibran Initially, worthlessness was an emotion that I found hard to articulate. Often times it began as a thought, manifested into a [...]

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